Paint Your Own Pottery


Here at Indianola Glass Creations you can paint your own pottery  for no more than the price of the piece you paint and just a $5.00  sitting fee! No need to bring your own brushes or paint - we have everything you need - brushes, a wide variety of bisque, and a colorful palette of paint - plus the special paint we use has the glaze  in the paint so there's just one less thing you'll have to worry about!  No need to make an appointment! Come on in and paint your own own pottery!

We'll happily host birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and the like however we ask that you call ahead so we can be sure there is enough room for everyone to have fun. Call, email, or stop in for more information!


Painting Tips & Tricks


Ceramics To Go!

It is important for all ceramics to be sponged off to remove any dust. This is a step that we do for you before you take it home. 

When you start painting, remember to keep your brush full of paint. Three layers of paint are needed to get the most vivid colors. Evenly paint on the first coat and allow it to dry before starting on the second. 

If you are going to add decorative details, make sure you use dark colors on lighter colors. Lighter colors do not show up often when applied on top of dark colors. 

To change colors rinse out the brush with water and dab it on a paper towel to remove all the water before dipping it into the next color. 

Let the finished piece sit overnight before wrapping it up to return to the store. Glaze should completely dry before touching it with the risk of removing some of the paint when it is wet. 


PYOP Instructions (pdf)